Blockchain is the present progressive technology that permits the formation of an option financial answer for individuals from one side of the planet to the other. Blockchain empowers transactions that are faster, secure, anonymous, and liberated from manipulation. Decentralized money is one of the innovations achieved by blockchain technology and the digital currency market which permits individuals to access inclusive, modern and profitable financial services. On the DeFi platform, users can exchange crypto, stake tokens to get passive income, or get loans with collateral, and other crypto financial features.

The DeFi area has filled consistently as of late, as the crypto market develops and individuals' premium in decentralized financial services increments. This makes AntEx need to introduce a platform that will give an assortment of decentralized financial services which will meet the different financial needs of users. AntEx will furnish users with a decentralized financial service upheld by Multi-Chain which is adaptable and troublesome and will reward users.


Decentralized finance is a protocol that permits individuals to get to an option financial service that is preferred and more present day over the banking financial system. On the DeFi platform, users can get to different decentralized financial features that will meet different user needs and furthermore advantage the users. Also, not just that, DeFi is a protocol that can be applied in different areas, for instance in the gaming area the DeFi protocol permits the making of a gaming platform that has a genuine economy and is productive for players. Later on, the DeFi area will proceed to develop and subsequently AntEx was launched to turn into a platform that gives an ever-developing suite of decentralized services. With the arrangements presented by AntEx, users will get a decentralized financial platform that is more adaptable, troublesome, and expertly reviewed. Users will likewise be rewarded for their loyalty to AntEx.

Upheld by multi-chains, like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (Matic) and more, AntEx will work with users on these chains, so they don’t have to exchange technology when utilizing AntEx, on the grounds that they are allowed to pick the chain.


AntEx is a platform that gives current, comprehensive and decentralized financial services to users internationally. The features presented by AntEx empower clients to get to crypto wallets and gateways to blockchain applications, which permits them to buy, store, send, swap tokens, investigate blockchain applications, and store and transfer NFTs. However, that is not all, there are a few other features of AntEx:

  • AntLock: Users can lock their liquidity provider(LP) tokens in a vault designed to get all of their LP tokens. Later users can show their locked tokens and vesting timetables to other people.
  • AntLaunch: An IDO platform that will help project proprietors to launch their tokens to the market and arrive at potential crypto investors.
  • VNDT: Open-source stablecoin to be utilized in online business transactions, loans, and investments in the ecosystem that AntEx and accomplices fabricate. AntEx gives an application that will assist users with utilizing VNDT.


AntEx has a native token launched under the name ANTEX. The ANTEX token will be launched on the Binance Network with BEP-20 protocols with an inventory of 100,000,000,000 ANTEX. The ANTEX token was launched as a utility token, which implies it will be utilized as storage, transaction, installment, investment and utilizing financial products in the AntEx ecosystem. Later users who hold ANTEX tokens in VNDT wallets will get advantages, for example, partner-level incentives with reduced expenses and expanded loan costs. To have the option to get AntEx tokens, users can purchase AntEx tokens in the pre-sale program hung on the site.


The DeFi sector keeps on becoming each year because of the expanding interest of individuals in DeFi services because of its innovative and present day features that can answer the necessities of the present crypto users for decentralized financial services. What’s more, AntEx is here as a platform that gives decentralized financial services that will meet the different requirements of users. AntEx offers a disru2ptive, flexible and audited financial solution that permits individuals to transact, lock tokens, access launchpads, and store assets in crypto wallets. Upheld by multi-chains, like BSC, ETH, and a few other chains, AntEx will work with clients from different chains and permit them to get to AntEx advantageously. AntEx has a mission to turn into a multi-chain decentralized protocols and administration which will work with the different financial needs of users universally.

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Graduated in Bussiness and Development from Chandigarh University, India/ Creator/Crypto Journalist/Article Writter/Poet/Currently Leading ALTA Services

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Justin Sun

Justin Sun

Graduated in Bussiness and Development from Chandigarh University, India/ Creator/Crypto Journalist/Article Writter/Poet/Currently Leading ALTA Services

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